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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Now it's true that parting is such sweet sorrow.  But whenever my grandfather would wave us out the door with a cheerful wave and a hearty "Cheerio!" I always felt somehow happier, despite the fact that it would be another week or so until our next visit (and the promise of Arnotts cookies and fizzy soda).  For some reason his expression has stuck with me, despite his passing.  Perhaps it conjures up in my imagination images of a peaceful, simpler era when TV was black and white, kids played on the street unsupervised, men wore straw hats and suspenders, and landing on the moon was still a pipe dream.

Or maybe it's because the word reminded me of the cereal itself, although Cheerio's was never something I ate as a child; I was a Nutri-Grain kid through and through.  The commercials for Cheerio's in the 1950s were something else though.

Ah, tricking children into believing they'll gain strength through sugary carbohydrates ... I guess times haven't changed much, have they?  On a more cheerful note though, I found this delightful fire-engine red lip gloss on the weekend and have been playing with it ever since.

It reminds me slightly of Little Red Riding Hood.  It's just so cute!

And now I must say adieu for three weeks!  In which time the blog will be silent and empty as I explore new terrain for more (hopefully) food-filled adventures.  So, cheerio!  Until next time.

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