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Friday, 11 May 2012

The Apollo

They say you should be wary of accepting gifts from Greeks. Particularly if they're over-sized wooden horses with soldiers inside. But The Apollo in Potts Point bears none of these characteristics. In fact, its gifts to the foodie community are not only welcome, but a pleasant and mouth-watering surprise.

The interior has been described as almost Spartan, with simple wooden furnishings, marble walls and exposed ceilings. Encapsulated within these warm stone walls on a cold autumn night, you almost feel like you've stumbled upon the kitchen of the gods atop Mt Olympus.  If only.

This was a fresh, fruity cocktail that sang of coriander.  Literally, as soon as you lifted the glass to your nostrils you felt like you were wading through a waist-high herb garden.  Mmmm.

Taramasalata mullet roe dip.  It arrived in a sealed glass jar with a mound of beaming orange cod roe nestled on top, just dying to be eaten.  One of the best dips I've ever had.

The pita bread arrived in a cute little pizza box and was warm and herb-y.  Nice.

Saganaki cheese honey oregano.  Amazing.  Words cannot begin to describe.  Definitely unmissable, and better than any pan-fried haloumi I've ever had.  We mopped up the sweet, sticky honey sauce with the rest of our pita bread.  I'd battle Zeus for this any day.

Wild weed and cheese pie.  Not as exciting as the name suggests.  Beautifully presented, wonderfully flaky texture, but tasted just like a spinach and ricotta triangle.  Only bigger.

Rosewater jelly doughnuts in chocolate sauce.  These were really cute and a novel combination of flavours (rosewater and orange jelly inside, combined with sweet chocolate sauce) but they were a little cold and tough when they arrived, so not the taste sensation we were expecting.  Definitely worth a try though.

We filled up on starters and couldn't even look at the mains menu.  But every plate that sailed past us on the arm of another waiter looked incredible, and we can't wait to go back.  

Until next time. 

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ChocolateSuze said...

oh wow. that cheese in the pan looks incredible!