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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Tea Cosy

There are times in life when only tea will do.  Maybe you had a miserable day at work, the boss yelled at you, someone's original birth certificate from 1942 got jammed in the photocopier and came back out in original tree pulp form.  Then you spilled the coffee you'd been craving all morning over your new white skirt, and reached into your bag to call the dry-cleaners only to realise that you'd left your phone at home.

Whatever the problem, tea is a quick and calming solution. There's a reason why those posters tell us to Keep Calm and Have a Cuppa.  On that note, what better way to spend a blustery Sunday afternoon than by seeking refuge in a tea shop buried deep in the Rocks.  The Tea Cosy is a gorgeous little cafe tucked behind a cheery green Irish Design Store on a cobbled streetfront.  As you head inside, past the staircase of teapots, the shop opens up onto a rambling little courtyard crammed with tables, chairs and teapots. Tea literally grows on trees here, with little white teacups hanging amongst the vines, and teapots clothed in wool huddled on the windowsill for warmth.

Having elbowed our way to a table in the courtyard (yes, very proud), we prepared ourselves mentally for a twenty-minute wait, but were pleasantly surprised when our plate of scones sailed into view in the flashest of flashes.

The scones were massive, soft and incredibly fluffy. Just the right balance between doughy and crunchy. The plain scones allowed the jam to sing its own tune of pear & vanilla. Lovely! Other jam choices included fig, almond & ginger, and pawpaw, lime & passionfruit. Free jam refills upon request - love it.

Unfortunately, our tea cosy wasn't the most outrageous one there. I saw an orange one sail past with a flaming red pom pom bobbling along on top - unfortunately destined for another table. But I did get a chance to check out the awesome oven filled with knitted scones and knitted jam and cream.

Rack of teaspoons.  Can never have too many.

I wonder if this teapot is hiding a family of leprechauns ...

The Tea Cosy is just one of many gems to be found in the Rocks at the moment.  With the Vivid festival on and various food stalls lighting up the streets all month, there are plenty of things to keep you warm and toasty.

Dutch mini pancake stall.

Mini pancakes with strawberries and chocolate.

Philip's Foote, in the Rocks. Cosy, inviting, great atmosphere, lovely seating area upstairs.

Hot chocolate at the Guylian Cafe. Your cup arrives at the table seemingly empty, until you notice the Guylian chocolate seahorse lying at the bottom. You pour the hot chocolate over the seahorse and watch it swim to the surface briefly before melting back into its watery chocolate grave. Epic chocolate overload.

If you still haven't had your tea cosy fix after this blog post, head to Portmans and take home this bundle of knitted happiness.

If you're not brave enough to even venture out into the cold, there are always chocolate cupcakes to be baked at home, in the warmth and comfort of your very own space.  I love the molten cracks that appear in the surface of the cupcakes.

Or if cupcakes are too pedestrian, there are always chocolate castles to be made ...


Whatever you do to stay warm, whether it be tea or cocoa, make sure you have a rainy day plan, because there's more where that came from.

Until next time.

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ChocolateSuze said...

LOVE tea cosy! best scones ever!

Anonymous said...

i love mini dutch pancakes! i always order mine with caramel, bananas & cream.. MMM!