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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Orto Trading Co.

There are some things in life that are too beautiful to eat. You pick up a Tiny Teddy, trying to decide which limb to break off first. But as you stare into its adorable little face, suddenly you're wracked with guilt. How could you even think of tearing off its arm or biting off its little leg? Only a monster would be capable of such things! Then you get a gingerbread man at Christmas. You inhale his spicy cinnamon scent, and you desperately want to eat his gumdrop eyes, and lick off his chocolate smile. But how could you do that to such an adorable creature? Unfortunately, when you sit down to eat at Orto Trading Co, that same sense of guilt pervades your every bite. The food is just so pretty that you can't bear to touch it. Only the brave leave this restaurant with a full stomach. 

The entire restaurant is filled with whimsy. Exposed brick walls, set against creamy beige and white interiors and floating glass jars filled with flowers.

There are spots of sunshine everywhere - large, canary yellow tables, jam jars reused to give flowers homes and cheerily striped straws.

Pineapple, passionfruit, apple and lime freshly squeezed juice. Wonderfully tangy and refreshing! Even the straw seemed to add flavour, or maybe it was just general cheeriness.

Potato hash, Berkshire Gypsy ham, fresh tomato, avocado, lemon dressed rocket, asparagus and a poached egg. This dish was beautifully presented, with great height, colour and flavour. Especially loved the fat little poached egg, nestled snugly in the heart of the avocado.

Breakfast platter: boiled eggs, soy & linseed sourdough soldiers, homemade muesli with seasonal fruit. This was my choice, and I could barely contain my excitement when it arrived on a beautiful wooden board. Upon tasting, however, I found the muesli a little dry (the yoghurt wasn't mixed into the the oats) and the soldiers (whilst nicely toasted) offered little else. The egg was very average, the asparagus was plain and only the fruit redeemed the plate. All in all, a beautifully presented dish (loved the edible flowers), but a little lacking in flavour.

Breaky hotdog of chorizo, grilled mozzarella, chimmichurri and a fried egg. Now this was amazing, definitely my favourite dish! A wonderful combination of flavours and textures - spicy, chewy chargrilled chorizo set against creamy clouds of mozzarella and a salty, gooey egg. Just brilliant.


Orto's House Waffles. These are, without a doubt, the prettiest waffles I've ever seen. Flower-shaped, dressed in jewels of brightly coloured fruit and drizzled with yoghurt, passionfruit and edible flowers. The plate was so beautiful that five minutes of silent adoration were required before I felt brave enough to attack the waffles with a knife and fork. Unfortunately (which I know is a terrible way to start a sentence), the waffles didn't taste as incredible as they looked. They were a little dry... But did I say they looked good? Because they sure did.



Until next time!

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