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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Something for Jess

Some people tattoo their lover's name on their chest. Other people write their names in the sky. And some people just name a cafe after them. Welcome to Chippendale, where a little corner cafe resonates with the love of one man for his woman.

Inside, the cafe is filled with lovingly mismatched furniture, each one rescued from council collection death and given a renewed chance at life. Flowers and ferns poke out of recycled glass bottles and empty jugs, leaning over as if to partake in the conversation of patrons.

The menu, which changes weekly, is fairly limited, yet the chalkboard can barely contain the descriptions of six dishes, each one bursting at the seams with a lengthy list of ingredients.

D was ecstatic to discover that the cafe makes his coffee just the way he likes it - two shots, with cold milk and ice on the side. Essentially, an iced coffee without the cream, ice-cream, or sugar syrup. For so long, incorrect interpretations of his preferred coffee plagued him (many sleepless nights), so this was a pleasant surprise. Love the straw poking its head out of the jam jar.

The selection of seeded sourdough sandwiches and baked goods that hits you upon first entry is enough to make anyone's mouth start watering. I love that the muffins are still in their baking tray;  it makes them seem super home-made and rustic.

Jerk pork on an open panini with spiced braised white cabbage, pickled jalapenos, Jarlsberg cheese and onion jam. This was incredible - soft, juicy and bursting with flavour. It struck the perfect balance between soft, crunchy, sweet and tangy. Yum!

Classic spiced meatballs with shaved pecorino cheese, sourdough and salsa verde. Wonderfully presented, I liked that the meatballs were served separately in a little pot, so you could choose whether to serve them on bread or eat them alone. The meatballs were a good size, neither too big nor too small (although a tad chewy). The sauce was wonderful - sweet, rich and tempered by cheese so the tomatoes didn't overpower the dish.

Mixed berry friand. This was a serious friand. Stern on flavour. The almond meal hits you on the first bite, sweet, nutty, and intense. There's no filler floury taste - just dense fruity goodness. Definitely one of the best friands I've had.

Pear and rhubarb crumble affogato. The name of this dish intrigued me as soon as I noticed it, and it was definitely a very interesting taste combination. D thought the black coffee was too bitter, and it did contrast intensely with the super sweet rhubarb ice-cream, but I really enjoyed it! The ice-cream was very creamy and every now and then my tongue would stumble upon a little rock of pear or rhubarby goodness, so it was never a boring journey. All I would say is - not for the fainthearted!

Until next time ... happy food wanderings!

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Not Quite Nigella said...

I've wanted to go here for ages and your pics have pushed it up the list (as they always do!). Hehe love it! :D