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Monday, 28 March 2011

Food Art

Now my favourite artists are the Impressionists, hands down.  I can never tear my eyes away from a beautiful painting by Renoir, Monet or Joaquin Bastida.  But food art occupies another realm entirely.  It provides HOURS of endless amazement ... I mean, how did the artists create such beautiful carvings, such exquisite details?  But don't listen to me - see below for yourself.

Eggshell carving by Christel Assante

Food Landscapes by Carl Warner

Who wouldn't want hills made out of crusty loaves?? Carl Warner again.

Edible London.  Eat your way through traffic jams!  Carl Warner again.

Absolutely hectic. A Christmas scene made entirely out of Betty Crocker goods.  Carl Warner.

The brilliant Carl Warner again!

The following rice portraits are made by an artist called Jason Mecier.  The first one I find particularly compelling.  People are (at least to a certain extent) defined by what they eat.  Here, 'Bulimia Girl' is identified by everything she doesn't eat, or at least eats but throws up afterwards.  The fact that her portrait is composed entirely of food reflects the sad reality that eating disorders often take over a person's life.

'Bulimia Girl' by Jason Mecier

One of my idols! Condoleeza Rice (pun intended).  Jason Mecier

The following photos are the product of an artistic couple, Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle.  Cuteness personified! Reminds me of the miniature mode you can get on some cameras. I've always dreamed of having a miniature little helper to peel my kiwi fruit for me ...

Ida and Javelle.

Ida and Javelle

Ida and Javelle

Ida and Javelle

I've always wanted to try golf, but perhaps not on an iced donut .. I don't really need extra encouragemet to be uncoordinated! And given my penchant for sweet things, the golf course would be devoid of holes in a very short period of time!

Beautiful fruit carvings by Ray Duey of Chef Garnish.

And finally, for all those Aussie kids like me who never got a Snow Day and shall remain eternally jealous of our US counterparts, how about a Food Day instead? See below. Although an incident like that might make me want to attend school, rather than stay home! :)

Courtesy of the film 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs'.

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