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Monday, 4 April 2011

Modern style icon: Rihanna

Now despite my use of the same heading ('Style Icon'), I do not think that Lauren Bacall and Rihanna belong in the same category.  Bacall is infinitely elegant and her clothes are simple, understated and classic.  Rihanna, in contrast, wears her clothes LOUD, colourful and quirky.  So why is she also a style icon?  Because she shows that fashion doesn't have rules or limits.  Her boundary-defying clothes demonstrate that fashion means having confidence in yourself, your body and wearing what suits YOU.  And Rihanna is certainly a chameleon, her look has changed dramatically (and often) since she first burst onto the music scene, and she looks incredible with her flaming red crop.  Who else could pull that off?? So this post is an ode to breaking the rules, and embracing fashion freedom.  Hurrah!

For those of you who haven't hit Borders recently, Rihanna graces the April edition of US Vogue, in photos shot by Anne Leibovitz.  Cue amazing mermaid dress (sigh).  See pictures taken from Vogue, below.

US Vogue (April)

By A. Leibovitz

A. Leibovitz

Buy the magazine itself if you want to see the entire shoot, it's definitely worth the $17 freight charge :) And the dresses are gorgeous!  Below are just some other random shots of Rihanna, looking at her loveliest.  I can't say I'm a fan of her entire wardrobe, but she's definitely had some golden fashion moments.

This is a very blurry screenshot from her video clip for 'Only Girl in the World'. Very artistic and whimsical video clip, heavy on the scenery and flowers.  A must-see!

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