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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fashion freckles

Time to dust off the keyboard and do a round-up of all the fashion tidbits that have freckled my landscape over the past few weeks. The combination is a little higgledy-piggledy so bear with me. But I do hope you enjoy them! :)

Met Ball 2011
Absolutely loved Ashley Greene in Donna Karan and Ashley Olsen in vintage Dior haute couture.  Gotta love sleeves.

Ashley Greene

Ashley Olsen

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW)
These were my absolute favourites.

Lover S/S 11

Michael Lo Sordo S/S 11

She looks like she just stepped out of a white tulip and decided to float down the runway on gossamer-wings.  It could be so many things!  The perfect Greek Islands outfit, strolling down a snow-white beach, the sun burning down around you, the ocean glimmering in the background.  Or it could represent the airy dreams of youth, incapable of realisation ...  Or, you know, just a tulip. 

Michael Lo Sordo S/S 11
Again, love the subtlety, the clean lines and the airiness.

Zimmerman S/S 11

Very Little House on the Prairie.  Which I think adds to its charm.

Where Lovers Lie

Now this wasn't shown at RAFW, so it technically shouldn't be in this category, but that's the beauty of blogs :)  And it is an Australian designer, Where Lovers Lie.  I love the twin simplicity and practicality of the dress.

One of THE most entertaining (and addictive) TV shows ever!  After initially rooting for Evan and Casey, I've now come to accept that Casey and Kappie are meant to be together.  But I still love Max!  Tangents aside, the cast wear some seriously great pieces, and while I prefer Fran's preppy style for its wearability, I always love seeing what Ash will wear because it's always fun and quirky (and something I could never pull off).  See rainbow-and-cloud top below.  Sooo cute!

Cannes Film Festival 2011
There were many beautiful dresses, but this one in particular caught my eye.  Perhaps also I'm biased towards Rachel McAdams, as she is one my favourite actresses ... But before I drift away on a tangent about the greatness of The Notebook, I'll let you form your own opinion on her gown.

Rachel McAdams in Marchesa

Paris Haute Couture S/S 11
Isn't it every girl's dream to sit front-row at one of these amazing shows and float home on a cloud of happiness (weighed down only by the goodie bag)?  Well, for me anyway.  So ta-da!  I bring Paris to you.

Elie Saab
Words cannot describe.  Breathtakingly beautiful.
She actually looks like a butterfly.  Perhaps its the neck piece, or the dark background from which she's emerging, but she actually looks like she could fly away at any moment.  Loving the almost Shakespearian influence; she reminds me of Queen Elizabeth I.  Perhaps its the forehead and hair.

I adore this!  It just has so much personality!  If looks could kill, this outfit certainly would.  The way she's holding her left hand, it almost looks like she's holding a cigarette, and could blow a contemptuous puff of smoke your way at any moment.

Mad Men meets the Little Mermaid.  So beautiful.

So lovely.  Love the fullness of the skirt, and the drama created by the sleeves.  Better even than old-Hollywood glamour.

Sydney developments
Sorry to bring you back down to Earth!  Back to little ol' Oz, where things aren't quite as exciting or fashionable, but there are still beautiful things to be seen! 

Recent Longchamp window display. Love the neutral tones.

Peter Alexander display
Yes, I'm the girl taking photos of shop windows as I meander through Pitt St mall on my way home!  But only if I like what I see :)   Peter Alexander stores always have lovely window displays, and I particularly admired this one for its tongue-in-cheek tribute to Marie Antoinette.  Loving the upside-down French chair.

Yes, Zara has finally graced our humble shores, and as the queues stretching for days outside the Sydney store demonstrate, it could not have come soon enough.  Since opening in late April, the store has been absolutely chaotic, with more standing space to be found in a sardine tin.  Recent weeks have seen a slight improvement however, and the frequent replenishment of stock is helping.  Can't wait for Topshop to arrive too!

Zara window display

Cute little doggies - they deserve their own close-up

Okay, so I know you know what a Zara bag looks like.  But this was my first purchase in the Sydney store, and I thought that was momentous in itself (particularly given its illustration that I was actually able to get inside the shop without being trampled on).

Jessica Marais in J'Aton
And the lovely Jessica Marais (Packed to the Rafters) proving that there is, after all, a reason to attend the Logies.

And, finally, a sad Sydney development.  The closing of the Borders store in Chatswood, one of the last stores in Oz.  Obviously not a suprise, since everybody buys their books online these days (bookdepository anyone?) but it's still tinged with sadness.  Meanwhile, the company's administrators are clearly enjoying their 15 minutes of fame; they appear on the bottom of every Borders receipt (see above) and the words 'Administrators Sale' are plastered over all the store walls.  But don't let that dampen your sale enthusiasm; with 40% off everything in-store, there are some seriously good bargains to be had.  But remember to check the year of that diary you're buying on sale.  Taking a 2010 diary to work is probably not the best look. 

Happy shopping!

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