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Friday, 6 May 2011


Wouldn't it be nice if the world were Cadbury? Riding in the car would be a tasty treat; changing gears would soon become a problem, Cadbury dairy milk is so good to eat ... Yes, I am a jingle person. Catchy commercial tunes, cheesy informercials, you name it, I'll buy it. Seriously though, what would it be like to wake up in a world where everything was edible? A world made entirely out of cake? Not even Heston Blumenthal could create something like that. Do try to bear it though, as best you can, and I'll placate you with something almost as good to post about - Caketown bakery in Newtown.

The bakery had been recommended to me by my fashionably fabulous foodie friend E, whose umbrella proved invaluable as we set off for Caketown one rainy autumn day.

Newtown is cute and cosy, with a very federational feel.  Some of the buildings look like they haven't been altered (or dusted) since time immemorial.  But all the shops are tiny and quirky, which compels you to browse because you feel as if you're going to find something you couldn't find anywhere else. Caketown is one such gem. Tucked underneath a tiny shopfront, it has standing room for three people in total. Its small display cabinet covers a multitude of sins: chocolate eclairs, Danish pastries, mini cheesecakes, brownies ...  

Custard Bee Hive

Lentil pie
Given the bakery literally only had standing room for three people (and even three's a crowd), E and I decided to eat our pies at the bus stop.  By this point, the sprinkles of rain had turned into sheets of steel, which were hammering down all around us. Eating a hot pie in that weather is as satisfying as sipping hot cocoa in the snow. Mmmmm.

Lentil pie innards

Chocolate hedgehog.

This was irresistibly cute, but soo rich, we couldn't finish it between the two of us! It's essentially a mini mud cake, with an icing exterior. For serious chocaholics only.

Our bellies bloated, we decided to walk off the calories (in theory at least) by checking out the shops nearby.  There was sooo much cute stuff to buy (see flower pot necklace above). Needless to day, a great deal of restraint was necessary.

Lemon meringue with basil jelly

Yes, our eyes were larger than our stomachs.  Having walked back to the bus stop, what did we find but another incredible bakery called Black Star, again tucked under a tiny shopfront, down a tiny side street. Standing space was marginally better (it probably could've held 10 people) and the baked goods were decidedly finer, more sophisticated and unique.  The above meringue (in addition to resembling an Egyptian pyramid) had a little square of basil jelly (and tiny green basil leaf) folded within the meringue atop the lemon curd, and provided a clean, bitter contrast with the sweetness of the tart.

Finally, more happy snaps from Caketown - I mean - Newtown :) 

Happy cake-hunting. 


Dumpling Girl and Cheesecake Boy said...

Lol, now I have the jingle in my head. Couldn't agree more with Heston Blumenthal, his genius has limits :) Caketown looks lovely, must check it out next time, as normally I get sided tracked by Black Star Pastry.

Cappucino said...

Haha yes Black Star is easy to get sidetracked by! Always good to have a relatively empty wallet when you go - it's the only way to resist!