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Monday, 29 August 2011

Spring wishlist

Arrgghhh so I should be studying, and yes the fear of failure is hanging over me like the sword of Damocles, but you know when you get super excited about something and you just have to absolutely share it ?? Et voila, my wishlist for Spring!

1. Forever New


2. Cue white sleeveless shirt dress.

Not sure I could rock that hair, but the dress is amazing, so simple yet pretty and practical. Photos from

3. This outfit, from head to toe. Oh and a free trip to NY wouldn't hurt either :)

Olivia Palermo

4. Yumbots from Fred.

These are without a doubt the cutest cupcake moulds ever! Apparently the heads swivel too, so you can see your little robot man's icing hairdo from 360 degrees :) 

5. Fingerprint elastic bookmark from Fred.

Given my tendency to fall asleep at the mere thought of uni readings, this strappy little number would help keep me in line - literally! A great way to remember that one sentence you've read :) It actually reminds me of "taking a well-deserved break after writing the title of your assignment", only this time it's "taking a well-deserved break after reading page 1".

Happy reading!

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