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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Let's face it. There are moments in life that are just downright crummy. (And no, I don't mean the moments when you find cookie crumbs in your bed - that's something else entirely). I mean those moments, alone in your room at night, when you wish you had more company than just your textbook, and you wonder if you're wasting your twenties on exams and essays instead of exploration and adventure. Why am I even here? For how long, and for what?

I stumbled upon an existential-esque video the other day, entitled "Shots of Awe", and it captured perfectly the fragility we feel in every moment; the acceptance, yet defiance, of its impermanence. In everything beautiful that we experience, there is sadness in the ecstasy, a sense of nostalgia for things we haven't even lost yet, because we recognise their transience and their impermanence. Yet we refuse to accept the ephemeral nature of these moments; we try to preserve and extend them through memories and photographs. This is why I love photography, and events like Thanksgiving which, despite their over-commerciality and consumerism, are designed to give thanks for these fleeting moments of happiness. To celebrate friends and food and family. And to recognise that this is a temporary rabbit-hole we've fallen into, and we must embrace both its wonderfulness and its transience in the same moment.

And on that serious note - here are some photos of pies. Enjoy!

Salted caramel pecan pie. I burnt and cut myself on my second attempt to make the salted caramel, because the syrup bubbled too quickly and turned into toffee, which I attempted to rip off the whisk before realising that amber shards of toffee are basically as sharp as glass. One bleeding thumb later, I finally made the caramel properly, and voila - a salty, sugary hot mess.

Amin made an extraordinarily high version of his Revolutionary Cake (delicieux!) and Chin made this incredible pear tart topped with finely sliced cheddar cheese, which tasted insanely sweet and salty at the same time. I think I had about 3 slices (sorry!).

Yes, we did also eat savoury food. 

Chickens (we didn't have the energy or foresight to order a turkey in advance) - but they were amazing anyway! Thanks Nikki :) 

Candied yams. Trust America to douse sweet potatoes in brown sugar, butter and marshmallows and make them taste amazing. 

Candles. Just because they're pretty.


ChocolateSuze said...

ohmahhhgawd all those delicious looking foods! that pecan pie! that pear tart! that chicken! i want to eat it all!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

wow now that's a thanksgiving feast - all looks so good!