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Friday, 3 January 2014

Winter wanderings

Cambridge sometimes feels like a snow globe - small, beautiful and claustrophobic. So every now and then, it's important to leave the bubble and get lost in another world. That is exactly what I did for a month over Christmas - yield to my wanderlust and savour the sights and smells of new scenery.  There is something unspeakably peaceful and serene about travelling, about being a foreigner in a strange land, knowing no one and recognising nothing. There are no expectations, no pressures, no burdens to bear. You're just an unknown traveller, floating through, cocooned in anonymity. Pop in your headphones as you saunter down the street, and listen to the soundtrack of your own life being carved out by each new footstep. It's refreshing and renewing and amazing. Below are a few snaps from my own recent travels. Enjoy! 

Nuremburg Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)



Paris, Champs Élysées




Frankfurt Weihnachtsmarkt

Wiesbaden hot springs

Wine Cellar, Kloster Eberbach
(900 year old monastery)


The Larder, Edinburgh - best granola ever

Malteser Cake, Toast Cafe, Edinburgh 

View from Edinburgh Castle

Torch procession, Edinburgh 

Breakfast plate, Peter's Yard, Edinburgh 

Edinburgh Zoo 

To swim or not to swim?

New Year's Eve, Edinburgh 

Key Lime Pie cocktail, The Living Room, Edinburgh 

Haggis - actually very delicious! 

Walk to Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

And to avoid finishing this post with a picture of haggis, I shall leave you with photos of my most recent baking - ugly Christmas sweater cookies for our Christmas sweater party, and a miniature gingerbread village. Happy Holidays!

These little babies took about 4 hours to bake, assemble and decorate. But they were worth every minute!

Happy New Year! 

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots Cappucino especially as we have a swelteringly hot summer. Sharing them on twitter now! :D